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After an author writes a book, it must go into an editor for a second look. That might be true, but as authors we get too near our own work to give it an objective review. We know what we are trying to say, and what we have written makes sense to us if it does not to somebody else. It is the proverbial a lot of trees to see the woods syndrome. As soon as an editor reads your job for the first time, certain things stand out like a pink bunny sitting in a tree. Things which may not be evident to you once you have worked on the manuscript for months. There Are Different Kinds of Editors and you will have to choose one that is perfect for your book. If your manuscript is precisely the way you need it, you might only require a good proofreading from a copy or line editor. But if your book needs plot and character development, a check for total flow in addition to proofreading for punctuation, grammar and spelling, you want an editor that can help you rewrite awkward and confusing locations and create better arrangement.

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how to copyright a story in similar Collaboration with the writer, a developmental editor helps the writer as a writing mentor by taking a rough draft of a manuscript from initial idea and make suggestions about content, organization, and presentation. The developmental editor always has the target audience reader in mind and might create an analysis of competing functions and suggest additional research to flesh out certain components and give the book credibility and factual content. Plot and characterization will be examined and reworked if necessary. Suggestions will be given for rewriting awkward and confusing areas to create better circulation. Sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling might also be considered.

Nevertheless a copy editor’s job, but Along with marking and reading errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling, the heavy edit may offer editorial comments on design, structure, content and flow. Substantive Editing enhances a manuscript by identifying and solving problems with order and flow of data. It could require reorganizing paragraphs, sections, or chapters for total clarity or readability. Suggestions will be given for rewriting awkward and confusing areas to create better circulation. Sentence structure, transitions, punctuation, grammar, and spelling will also be considered. Heavy¬†copy-editing additionally checks URL links, images, captions, photographs, references, foot notes, tables, quotations, bibliography, and citations; also makes sure appropriate permission has been granted to use copyrighted material. Formatting to add page numbers, headers, margins, font styles, indentations, paragraph spacing, header and footer text, a hyperlinked table of contents and indexing. Many times a significant or heavy edit is just like a rewrite of this manuscript.